SocialBook is a platform for collaborative reading. Books appear in your web browser with a dynamic margin suitable for carrying on a substantive conversation.


There are two ways to use SocialBook

— In the open community. Just open the book and post comments or respond to others.

— Invite a group of friends or colleagues to read privately with you.

SocialBook is reasonably intuitive but here are some notes to help you get started.

Use this link to get started. It’s easiest to register using Facebook or Google which will also take care of the requirement to supply a graphic for an avatar. Any problems or questions, any at all, please contact Bob Stein at or +1.917.335.6201

After signing in, choose “Read on your own within the open community” or if you want to invite specific people to read with you, choose “Create a group.” You can start in the open community and decide later to invite people to a private group.

community or group

Once in the book you can add a comment to any bit of the text by selecting it, choosing “Add Note” and then typing your comment in the window on the left.

making a comment

You can save a comment as a draft to keep it private until you are ready to post it.
save a draft

If you’re reading a print or e-version and want to comment in SocialBook, simply use SocialBook’s search function (upper left) to find the text you want to comment on.

6. Any problems or questions, any at all, please contact Bob Stein at or +1.917.335.6201