Hot off the press: News from Old School

I don’t post about every issue, but October’s Old School newsletter is well worth it:

Check out our newest consciousness-raising guide, Ageist? Sexist? Who Me?

Announcing Office Hours: in session every Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 ET Ask one or all three of us, in private or include the group, any question about how to address ageism in your personal or professional life. Starts Thursday, November 3

Save the date(s) for the next Movement-Builder’s Convenings

Register for my next free public appearance.

And, as ever, help yourself to the best collection of free, vetted anti-ageism resources on the web.

2 thoughts on “Hot off the press: News from Old School

  1. You are amazing and I very much enjoyed your event, through Palos Verdes Peninsula Village, today.

    I wanted to add the following to your discussion today but didn’t know how. The options were closed when I thought of it!

    *Joy, Laughter, and Loving Ways have no age limits.

    Thanks again.

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