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The next Old School Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse newsletter is out. It’s an especially good-looking issue if you ask me, thanks to the portrait of Sir Richard Steele, but here’s the bit I’m excited about:

Announcing The Biddies—women bringing ageism into the conversation around aging—and our new consciousness-raising guide

Hundreds of groups now celebrate women’s voice and visibility as we move into midlife and beyond. Many have emerged in recent years to bring menopause out of the closet and support going gray. Others have been around for decades. Many are ageism-aware, while others aspire to be “still young” and “still sexy.” 

Growing older is different for women because we face the double whammy of ageism and sexism. Old School’s new consciousness-raising guide, Ageist? Sexist? Who, Me? addresses how to recognize this toxic intersection and come together to undo it, starting between our ears. Consciousness-raising is the tool that catalyzed the women’s movement. 

Please join us at noon ET on Thursday 9 September for the launch of Ageist? Sexist? Who, Me?  and the inaugural meeting of The Biddies. During this two-hour workshop, we’ll collaborate on personal and collective action plans to raise consciousness of ageism in women’s groups. Register here.

Join us!

One thought on “announcing The Biddies

  1. One thing women can do for each other is to not ridicule and deprecate those who DO love keeping their bodies lithe and healthy with exercise and good, natural food, and who lovingly add a little color to their wonderful unique faces. Because it’s ageist and sexist to say that older women cannot be beautiful and sexy at 60, 70, 80 and beyond.

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