Interested in meeting other anti-ageism advocates?

Challenging ageism can feel daunting and lonely.  We know we can learn from and find ways to support each other.  That’s why our small-but-mighty Old School Clearinghouse is now hosting Movement Builders Convenings. Meet fellow advocates from around the world, find out what they’re up to, get a little help from our friends, and share a win!

Wherever on earth you are, one of these times ought to work:
Tuesday, March 30⋅5:00 – 6:30pm EST
Thursday, April 1⋅11:00am – 12:30pm EST
Come to both if you’d like!

Can’t make it but want to stay in the loop? Use the Contact Us form on the Old School home page to let us know, and we’ll add you to our Movement Builders google group.

One thought on “Interested in meeting other anti-ageism advocates?

  1. We’re particularly interested in ageism in marketing segmentation and stereotypes about technology usage and demand. Everyone over age-55 is not remotely similar, but that’s how television ratings and ad sales treat them. Ignoring the locus of wealth and spending. Similarly, assuming all retirees are tech adverse is silly. Baby Boomers bought every bit of consumer technology in the last forty years. Bigger buttons are not the solution we need. From smartphones to EVs and smart homes, to AI-informed investing, I’d like to see my real-world passion for technology-driven solutions portrayed in advertising’s lens.

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