best response ever

On March 5th, the day my manifesto was published by Celadon Books, I landed a full 50 minutes on NPR’s On Point, an episode titled, “Too Old, Out of Touch? Too Young, Inexperienced? Ageism in America?”

I received a bunch of wonderful responses, of which my favorite by far was this one from Sharon Morrissey:

I am 2 months shy of 75 years of age. This week I am embarking on an intensive six week hot yoga teacher training in Canada. I live in VA. I challenge my thinking all the time; am I too old to wear this? Will people be repulsed by a septuagenarian teaching yoga? Am I just whistling in the dark? Or, perhaps I am simply alive & brave. I heard your interview on “On Point” & am enraptured. Thanks. I will train & teach & leave my age out of the equation. And if this is age denial, namaste.

This is why I do what I do.

One thought on “best response ever

  1. I just discovered you today. I am an 88-year-old advocate for seniors from Houston, Texas. I will be publishing my first blog issue in the near future. It’s nic e to know others are enthusiastic about the good stuff that’s still in us oldsters!
    John Leslie
    ‘Gettin’ old ain’t easy!

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