My book tour is coming together!

What have I been up to? Working on a book tour. Last year I sold the rights to my book, This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism, to Celadon Books, a new Macmillan imprint, which will be bringing it out on their inaugural list on March 4th and sending me on tour. Very exciting! I’ll be coming to DC, Denver, Seattle, Portland, the Bay Area, Pittsburgh, Princeton NJ, San Diego, and Los Angeles, with a few more cities are still in the works. Here’s the schedule-to-date.

I’ll be posting about individual events as they get closer, of course, but feel free to mark your calendars and start spreading the word. What I could really use help with is local media. Not pointing out that “You should be on ‘Fresh Air'” (although of course I should, but Terry Gross has yet to get the memo), but personally contacting any local TV/radio/print journalists you know and putting in a good work about the book and the mission. If they’re interested, let me know (ashton [at] thischairrocks [dot] com) and I’ll follow up instantly and very gratefully.

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