great graphics for our campaign to transform “Dress Like a 100-Year-Old Day”

The 100th day of school used to be an opportunity to teach kindergarteners about the number 100. Somehow it morphed into kids dressing up like imaginary centenarians with mini-walkers and tiny canes—an event that reinforces ageist stereotypes. We’d like to turn it into one that educates little kids about late life, and nips ageism in the bud.  Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, or advocate, this post explains how to join the movement against ageism’s first nationwide direction action.

You’ll find some great suggestions in the comments on this Changing Aging post. Feel free to use and disseminate this image, the work of artist Celeste Fichter. (For a high-res version, contact her at And here’s a link to a GIF that shows a jar of pennies filling up–great for sharing on social media.

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