Old School is now in session!

Movements need people. (That would be you). Movements need purpose (To make the world a better place in which to grow old. And, while we’re at it, to be young, or have a disability, or be queer or non-rich or non-white.) And movements need tools. That’s why, in collaboration with age activists Kyrie Carpenter and Ryan Backer, I’ve launched Old School, a clearinghouse of free, vetted, anti-ageism resources: books and blogs, workshops and PowerPoints, organizations and advocates.

Check it out, and tell us what you think. (It’s in beta; more features coming very soon.)  

Spread the word. Follow Old School on social media–on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram–tell the world about it, and help it grow. 

Send us stuff. If you have an ageism-related resource — not  about positive aging or  productive aging or conscious aging or  healthy aging, or creative aging – but explicitly focused on ageism — submit it to Old School using our online form. You name the resource, you own it, you link it to your organization or services; we make it available for free. 

We built Old School to educate people about ageism and help dismantle it though individual and collective political action. It’s an ongoing collaboration, and will only realize its potential with help from people like you and organizations like yours. We hope you’ll like it, use it, and help it grow.


One thought on “Old School is now in session!

  1. Thank you for your book and your work, Ashton. I made a link to your blog in my blog today, https://pamelabythesea.wordpress.com I am not usually as overtly political as I was today in my blog…I focus more on female empowering through art…sorry, but that’s been my gig for almost 20 years, or maybe more. We all work from where we are. On the premise that we start aging as conception, I’ve expanded my hot flash book to all of life on the premise that we start aging at the moment of conception. Your book inspired me. Our library has 2 copies and I bought one of my own to highlight.

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