Women are ready to join forces!

As a media partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, where I spoke in Paris last week, the New York Times commissioned a piece on how women could respond to ageism. “Working to Disarm Women’s Anti-Aging Demon” came out today, in the lean international edition as well. To my delight, they paired it with this photo of  the actress Frances McDormand (with son Pedro and husband Joel Coen), who credits Pedro for one of her wrinkles and calls her face a map that carries her history.

The piece makes some very big asks, and I was braced for a slew of comments along the line of “Why should getting old mean looking bad?” Instead the response has been massive, heartfelt, and enthused:  “This should be our manifesto.” “Let’s go!” “I’m in!” I hope readers will follow my last suggestion to “come together at all ages and talk about this stuff.” Let’s use Who Me, Ageist?  How to Start a Consciousness-Raising Group as a starting point and collaborate on a version for women and allies.

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