NY Times to older people: Get off social media

Would the New York Times make the same case when it comes to women? Or Muslims, or Latinos? They shouldn’t get away with it when it comes to olders either.  Let’s hope they print the letter I just submitted:

To the Editor:

In “Social Insecurity? Internet Turns Boomers Into Twits,” [May 5, 2017], Future Tense columnist Teddy Wayne urges older people to get the heck off social media. His position is both ageist and clueless, not to mention downright nasty. The problem isn’t that Trump is tweeting, it’s what he’s tweeting. Sure, Cher’s post is dopey; who cares? Like love, social media can make fools of any of us. The same day’s “Modern Love” column describes a college student trapped by her carefully cultivated Instagram persona.

Like everywhere else, the internet needs to be a place for all ages. Yes, millennials led the development of social media, but they stood on the shoulders of those who invented the internet and consciously brought it online in 1964 as a way to connect people. Generational divides aren’t just contrived, they undermine a thriving and equitable culture.

Ashton Applewhite

2 thoughts on “NY Times to older people: Get off social media

  1. I agree. Ageist as it can be. To hell with your notions. At nearly 66, I enjoy social media and I am a true introvert. I use it to stay in touch with family and the few friends I choose to have. I keep abreast with news, read links of interest and entertain myself with a couple of groups I enjoy – one is Jungian, the other, ironically, about the joy of aging, in spite of people like you, who apparently, would have us take to knitting needles and chessboards instead. Shame on you. In case you haven’t noticed, most of us, “baby-boomers” lived through the Vietnam War and so are well versed on standing up for our rights and being proud of who we are. Many of us even have brains, beyond opinions. And both still work. Re-consider, please, who it is you are dealing with, and take up a new cause.. as there are many worthwhile causes out there. If you need a hand, you can read my FB page. It is full of them. MRH

    1. What’s wrong with knitting needles and chessboards? Are they a simbol of dopey old people or what? Like in the famous “Cabaret” song “Put down the needle, the book and the broom, it’s time for a holiday”
      FYI, Facebook hosts two of the largest crochet groups in the world, very lively groups where we share patterns, help and ideas, not to mention chat. And, again FYI, there are quite a few younger ladies in there.

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