Gird your loins for 2017 with a holiday special from This Chair Rocks


Last-minute Christmas shopping? Order a copy of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism for $15 here.  We’ll ship them within 24 hours and pay the postage. Here’s a review from someone who got the book for her mom and realized that it’s not just for olders.

I bought this book as a gift for my mother who sometimes feels overwhelmed at the prospect of growing older. This year’s milestones for her included: going 100% gray (no more dye) and becoming a grandmother. Although she shows no signs of slowing down, she feels the general invisibility of becoming an older woman in society and the workplace. Needless to say, she LOVED this book and the timing was perfect. She laughed out loud while reading it!

I quickly realized that this book is suited for me just as much as her. The author writes “The sooner growing older is stripped of reflexive dread, the better equipped we are to benefit from the countless ways in which it can enrich us.” This is really a handbook on how to live side by side with people of all ages respectfully so that we can avoid the prejudices our grandparents face(d). There are so many child rearing books (trust me, I am in the thick of reading them) but until now nothing guiding us and helping us navigate the last quarter or more of our life cycle.

This book accomplishes just that. And it is full of punchy one-liners and staggering statistics. I highly recommend this book to anyone, of any age.

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