Anne Lamott about my book: “Wow.”

The epigraph to my book, which willl be published on March 15th, is a quote from the wonderful writer Anne Lamott: “We contain all the ages we have ever been.” It’s an elegant counterpoint to the conventional narrative of aging as loss—aging as a rich process of accretion—and it also connects the generations. The quote inspired the cover drawing by brilliant designer Rebeca Mendez,

TCR Cover.png

and of course I was itching to somehow get a copy to Lamott. By pure coincidence, the team that will be producing the audiobook version has worked with her and offered to pass the book along. A week later, this arrived in my in-box:

“Wow. This book totally rocks. It arrived on a day when I was in deep confusion and sadness about my age—62. Everything about it, from my invisibility to my neck. Within four or five wise, passionate pages, I had found insight, illumination and inspiration. I never use the word empower, but this book has empowered me.” Anne Lamott

Needless to say, it made my day and then some. 

The audiobook recording starts tomorrow, eight hours straight. I’m gargling. And I’m excited.

2 thoughts on “Anne Lamott about my book: “Wow.”

  1. I am more than slightly amused — bemused?! — that Annie Lamott would write ” . . . my invisibility.”  Come on, Lamott invisible??  Maybe many of us ageing ladies, but not she of prolific authorship!  Sorry, I had to laugh.  No, Annie Lamott, you are so NOT invisible, compared to most of us fading gardenias!!  Anyway, Ashton Applewhite, I can’t wait to read your book —

  2. That cover is brilliant.  Reminds me of the Russian nesting dolls. But also of generations and ages. I am only 66 so have not yet concerned myself too much with aging, but I admire your crusade.

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