Meet me in my new book?

Big news. For several years I’ve been writing a book, This Chair Rocks: Why Ageism is Bad and What to Do About It. This week I sent the manuscript to be copyedited. Next it gets designed, then published.

I’ve decided to self-publish in partnership with my longtime partner, Bob Stein, a pioneer in electronic publishing (founder of the Criterion Collection, the Voyager Company, and the Institute for the Future of the Book). Not only will self-publishing give us control over the process, it’ll enable me to interact with my readers and in lots of interesting ways—starting with an experiment that I hope will appeal to some of you.

In additional to hardcover, paperback, and e-book versions, we’d like to do an edition in SocialBook: software designed by Bob to enable readers to carry on a conversation in the margins of a book. I used SocialBook very successfully for many rounds of editing, and promise that it works well and is easy to use. Here’s a link to some annotated screenshots

We’re putting the chapter on identity, “Our Ages, Ourselves,” into SocialBook and inviting six of you to join me there to discuss it. If you’re interested in getting an early start on the conversation I hope the book will catalyze, email ashton[at] First come, first served. (Our discussion within the book will be private.) If it works, it’ll be the first of many more such experiments, all with the goal of connecting with you to build a movement to confront ageism.

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