Join us for some consciousness-raising

On Thursday, June 25th, I’m teaming up with the Radical Age Movement for an evening of consciousness-raising and connecting. The evening begins with my new talk, “Let’s Rock This Chair: Yes to Aging, No to Ageism.” Then we’ll divide into small groups for an hour-long breakout session, after which Alice Fisher will talk about moving from personal to cultural change. Guaranteed to entertain, educate, and provoke—come!


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One thought on “Join us for some consciousness-raising

  1. Because of you I quit my job and moved 1.5 hours north to the gorgeous Skagit Valley in Washington State. Thanks!! I realized I was acting on internalized ageism – no one should quit a high paying job when they’re 61. I’m muddling through the transition, it’s tough, I am determined. regards, Catherine Carter

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