nice blurb from Lifetime Arts

Lifetime Arts is a nonprofit that “promotes creative aging through professionally conducted arts education for older adults.” The organization understands that raising awareness of ageism is central to their mission, and I’ve given my talk at several of their training institutes. Last week I took the train up to Chappaqua to speak to librarians from seven states, who are participating in a national Creative Aging in America’s Libraries project, and co-founders Maura O’Malley and Ed Friedman had nice things to say.Ashton Applewhite presents a cogent, funny, inspiring look at how we perceive getting older. Anecdotal, informational, humorous, and thought-provoking; we’ve engaged her a number of timesand continue to look forward to her ‘take’ on aging in America.” Thanks—and I look forward to more return engagements.



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