nice blurb in the Human Values in Aging Newsletter

The current issue of Harry Moody’s  Human Values in Aging newsletter has a sharp and welcome plug: “Why can’t we stop ageism? Good question. For some answers, start looking in the mirror and look around you. For a good dialogue on the subject, visit Ashton Applewhite’s website, This Chair Rocks.”


AARP’s Director of Academic Affairs, Moody is an ethicist and original thinker, and I’m very glad to be on his radar. The newsletter (you can subscribe here) offers short takes—some his, some not—on creativity, spirituality and the meaning of late life, along with recommended websites, books, and events. Moody was the co-founder and Director of the Brookdale Center on Aging, which is sponsoring my talk in Albany next week. Small world. 

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