new gigs, include a crack a science storytelling

It may be the dog days of August, but I’m busy nailing down a number of speaking engagements in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and closer to home, in Gowanus, Brooklyn. That gig is also the soonest: I’ll be one of five performers on a science storytelling show called the Story Collider on September 4th at 8:00, at a club called Littlefields (622 Degraw Street). The Moth for the geekily inclined,  the Story Collider has a theme for each event, and this evening’s theme is, you guessed it, aging. Now to come up with a 10-minute monlogue “at turns funny and heartbreaking, [about] how our modern world is changing the way we age.” No sweat. No notes. No auditioning, at least. It should be good.

One thought on “new gigs, include a crack a science storytelling

  1. You’ll knock it out of the ball park, Ashton! I would be very interested in seeing the video of your presentation on how we’re changing the way we’re aging! Sounds like a campaign format to me. Welcome on board!?

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