aging and the TED franchise

People often suggest that I give a TED talk, and of course I hope this opportunity comes my way. In the meanwhile, I searched all TED talks tagged with aging. Nine come up:

one that’s tangentially about wise seniors in a nursing home

one about the role of genes in health

one about Hollywood make-up

two about Alzheimer’s

two about life extension

and two, by Jane Fonda and Laura Carstensen, founder of the Stanford Longevity Center, about aging itself, and the good things that lies ahead. I’ve blogged about Fonda’s talk and discussed Carstensen’s work in depth.  Below, what Carstensen had to say at TEDX Women NYC in November, 2011, about about emotional well-being in late life and how the knowledge that time is short makes us happier. And how about a balanced, nuanced TEDX Aging?


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