The Ageing Party!

That’s the title of an invitation from my friend Masha Feiguinova that landed in my in-box a little while ago. It reads, “I am ageing! On April 29th I will celebrate 34 years of ageing. I would LOVE to see you, celebrate with you, hug you and toast with you. More details soon. For now please hold the evening of April xxth open. If you are partial to ageing, come to the ageing party!”


When I accepted the invite, I asked the birthday girl if I could take some credit for having inspired the invite, and if so whether I could post it, with or without her name.  Her response: 

“Of course you inspired!!! 

Of course post away with my name in BOLD!!”


This makes me feel like small and wonderful change is happening, and it makes me very happy. Thank you, Masha Feiguinova.

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