It’s not easy talking about aging

There’s something comic (and not haha comic) about Joan Rivers as a spokesperson for confronting the realities of growing older, as she does in this PSA by Volunteers of America.  Maybe a chat with the plastic surgeons who turned her face into a grotesque mask would be adviseable too.  But this chat with her daughter Melissa is brave and the message is important. A crucial topic during any such conversation — more likely a series of conversations — is medical care at the ends of our lives. As Professor Deborah Carr of Rutgers University says in this post, “End-of-life discussions shape our families, not just other way around, and have implications for how family members cope and carry on after our deaths.”

One thought on “It’s not easy talking about aging

  1. Joan Rivers’ face may be a mask, but I saw her “in concert” — if you can call a night at a NYC dinner club a concert —  and she is rude, crude, and screamingly funny. She was a pioneer for women in stand-up, which is still a man’s world. This is a terrific public service announcement. Thanks for posting it.

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