“Sleazy Geezer Society Meeting Now in Session”

Nobody out-headlines the New York Post, and that’s the title of Andrea Peyser’s column suggesting that just-arrested hotel-maid-attacker Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar bunk with fellow fondler Dominique Strauss-Kahn while they await trial.  Both of these slimeballs richly deserve the bad press, not to mention jail time, and it’s been great to see the tide of popular opinion turning in DSK’s native France.  But check out the way the Post describes the perps. “Each display [sic] advancing age, plain features, evident horniness and a shared sense that they are entitled to helpings of the paid help.” Why is the actual crime last on the list?  The maid avoided “the creepy embrace of an elderly sicko.”  Since when is forcible sex “creepy?” Omar is “an alarming 74 to DSK’s incredible 62.” What on earth is “alarming” about getting laid at 74, or “incredible” about it at 62?  

Older people want sex too, and have every right to seek it out – with consenting adults, just like everyone else. Omar and Strauss-Kahn should be raked over the coals for being violent pigs, not for being north of 30.

One thought on ““Sleazy Geezer Society Meeting Now in Session”

  1. Right on, but never expect (a) logic, (b) common sense or (c) a missed opportunity to be simultaneously (i) prurient and (ii) prudish from the NY Post.

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