Life at 83: “even better, richer than people know”

Wincingly titled “The Loin in Winter,” a story on the front page of the New York Times describes Hugh Hefner’s work-, travel-, and fun-filled life.  Granted, not too many octogenarians would have a slew of 20-somethings eager to move in, as did Hef after breaking up with his “No. 1 girlfriend” last fall.  (He picked three blondes; don’t miss the photo.)

Clearly Hefner hasn’t lost interest in sex, and he continues to work full days for Playboy Enterprises, approving “every Playmate, every cover, the cartoons and the letters.” (Rough job, okaying those playmates.) Once declaring that life without the magazine wouldn’t be worth living, the publisher is now entertaining acquisition offers because “I need to think about the continuity of the magazine.”  That’s not pessimism but pragmatism: a businessman looking after his legacy. Standing tall in his trademark satin pajamas, a grinning Hefner says, “This is one of the very best times of my life. It’s even better, richer than people know.”

One thought on “Life at 83: “even better, richer than people know”

  1. OK, he has kinda of been my secret hero for years, and I certainly applaud the work eithic, but I think it is time for the Heffster to gracefully exit the stage and enjoy his last years in realtive obscurity.

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