“When the golden years include a commute”

A few weeks ago Alison Linn interviewed me for an article called “When the golden years include a commute,” part of an MSNBC series called “Plan C: The new reality of retirement.” The story, which quotes AARP editor Jim Toedtman at length, describes a workforce that’s retiring later and contains many people in their 70s, 80s and beyond. While the income is welcome or essential, many enjoy the work itself and the physical and social benefits of getting out of the house.

The article brought a flurry of emails suggesting people to interview. My favorite was from a woman whose 82-year-old father has worked for Boeing for 60 years, the last 35 of which have involved a weekly commute from in St. Louis to Silicon Valley. I wrote saying I’d love to meet him, and wondering if she knew of any other people in St. Louis who might qualify. Yesterday this hit my inbox, making it another one of those days when I love what I do:

“I have a total of 5 now.  My dad.  His cousin Nick (91), a working musician. A 92 year old school lunch lady.  An 84-year-old Walmart cashier (40 hours a week)and a 90+ receptionist of the main office of my school district (full time).  Waiting on 2 of them to call me back.  I called all of them yesterday.  My dad was in a meeting and the rest WEREN’T HOME.  Hilarious. I’ll get back to you.”

I’m buying a ticket

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