I’m a Yale Law School Fellow!

To be precise, a Visiting Fellow at the law school’s Information Society Project (ISP) for the 2009-10 academic year.  The ISP describes itself as an intellectual center that “brings together students, scholars, activists, and policymakers to define the problems and identify the solutions on topics stemming from the interplay between memes, genes, and bits in our contemporary information society.” Depending on the line-up of speakers and activities, I’ll probably head up to New Haven once a week or so, and will be tracking down scholars working on age-related employment discrimination and ageism in general.  That’s when I’m not sidetracked by other research going on under the ISP aegis, like expanding access to knowledge, civil liberties online, intellectual property law (once upon a time I considered becoming a lawyer), and the implications of the genomic revolution. Hmmm, maybe it’ll have to be more than one day a week . . . I’m so excited.

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