80 over 80, and more

Slate Magazine has commissioned a series of articles investigating what it’s actually like to be old — “to walk a mile in their Rockports,” as they put it. Commendable, though I could do without the coating of condescension. Rockports? Not to mention the title of the issue: Geezers. 

There’s tons of good stuff in here, though, especially “80 over 80,” Slate’s list of America’s most powerful octogenarians. Ten are women, and (duh) none is retired.

All that productivity’s got its downside, though. Jacob Leibenluft’s look at whether old people are bad for the environment concludes that grayer is greener, but only because older Americans work less, earn less, and therefore consume less. 

Don’t miss Justin Peter’s investigation into the best adult diaper. Best line? Steer clear of the ones from Kroger, which  “leaked like Daniel Ellsberg.”

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