Crowd sourcing helps a journalist tackle a big story

Joshua Micah Marshall made news in the blogosphere today. The founder of the popular political blog Talking Points Memo, he won a George Polk Award for legal reporting on the firing of eight United States attorneys— reporting that led to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.” Talking Points Memo is the first Internet-only news operation to receive the Polk, but to me that’s not the big news. It’s the new model of online reporting that underlies Marshall’s achievement.

Talking Points Memo directly involves its readers in its reporting: thousands of readers contributed information to the coverage of the U.S. attorneys story. Dan Kennedy, a media critic who teaches at Northeastern University, calls this, a different kind of journalism, based on the idea that my readers know more than I do.”

That’s my plan too. I’m a generalist; I know you know more than I do about different aspects of my very broad topic. I hope to use this blog to tap into all kinds of knowledge (though, unlike Marshall, I promise not to ask any of you to wade through Bush administration documents on my behalf). And I think that by working together we, too, can open some eyes and change some policies.

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