• Senior Planet – aging with attitude
    • Changing Aging – geriatrician Bill Thomas’s site aims to challenge conventional views on aging
    • Time Goes By – a blog about what it’s really like to get old and portal to related blogs & columns
    • The Magic of Middle-Aged Women – work by Daniel Evan Weiss, “an early convert to the belief that romantic contentment is a product of age” 
    • The International Longevity Center founded by Dr. Robert Butler and now housed at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health
    • Otherspoon – journalist Ann Neuman’s thoughtful blog about religion and end-of-life care
    • Advanced Style blog – “Proof from the wise and silver haired set that personal style advances with age”
    • Yo Is This Ageist? – go ahead, ask me
    • Naked at Our Age – straight talk from Joan Price, “advocate for ageless sexuality”
    • Engaged As We Age, a joint project of the Sloan Center on Aging & Work and Boston College’s Institute on Aging 
    • Ethnic Elders, original coverage and articles about ethnic olders and aging policy, edited by the excellent Paul Kleyman
    • – Federal Interagency Aging-related statistics
    • ageism-related articles from the AARP Bulletin 
    • The New Old Age – the New York Times blog, focused on caregiving



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