Irving Fields talks about how he got his name

My sister married a man by the name of Rosenfields. She was in show
business as a singer, becoming v successful and she hired me when I was
out of high school, 17, 18, I was her accompanist. She was a blues
signer, had a very good voice and personality, became v successful. We
called her Peppy. So she shortened it from Rosenfields to Fields. I was
Irving Schwartz. She was gorgeous, a beautiful young lady and all the
guys are trying to make a play for her and all that. I was 18, 19 ”“ she
was 5 years older ”“and I was a pretty solid. powerful guy. She says,
“look do me a favor. These guys are bothering me. I want them to know
that you’re my brother and if they get funny with me —“ I said, “I’ll
crack ‘em in the jaw.” She said, “why don’t you change and we’ll make
it a brother and sister team: Peppy and Irving Fields.” That’s how it
happened. Later in, when I went on my own, I became known as Irving

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